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We are proud to present our work. These projects are built using latest technologies and best talents. The benefits of our building methods guarantee quality for many years to come.

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30 years is a long time

Cortinas Isabel was born in 1985 as a small confection factory dedicated to the production of shower curtains, which soon became aware of the evolution of the market. In 1988 the production moved to the Polígono La Estación in Andújar. Over the years we have been renewing our portfolio of products evolving from curtains and sheers for the home, for eventually adding new products to the market to the current moment in which our production focuses

on the manufacture of blinds, both rollers and folding -roman shades-, and sliding panels. We have also incorporated the most modern technology into our production line. Functional fabrics with high resistance, mechanisms of rolling and folding of great durability, or the incorporation of unique innovations in the market as the Augmented Reality through the blinds of our line Roll Up Games.


Hard work against adversity

The year 2016 was a hard blow for Cortinas Isabel. We suffered a devastating fire that completely burned the production and storage facilities. All was lost. But in spite of the adversity and the difficulty of the moment, the management knew how to fit the blow and from the beginning there was full conviction in the capacity of recovery and relaunching of the company.

Quickly we looked for and acquired new properties close to the factory. Then the difficult challenge of starting from scratch began. New and more modern machinery was bought, the facilities were reconstructed and expanded, considerably improving the existing ones and after a long work and in only 3 months it was possible to start again with the production maintaining the existing staff until now.

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