Sliding Panel

The concept of the Sliding Panelsliding panel makes it an excellent choice for covering large windows. It is a different alternative to blinds, both roller and folding. Formed by different panels that slide along a rail, and arranged vertically, they allow windows to be covered with maximum elegance. In the same way, its layout allows it to be used in different rooms, not only to cover
windows. It can also be used to separate different sections within the same room, providing privacy, or simply to delimit large spaces. In other words, a very versatile product, which together with the infinite number of designs and fabrics that we make available to the customer and the quality provided, makes it an ideal product to decorate any room.

Energy Efficiency

We try to innovate in the world of blinds always using elements of the highest quality in the products we manufacture.
We use advanced fabrics of the highest quality and specifically tested to prolong their resistance and prevent corrosion of the same by the incidence of solar rays. This ensures a high durability of our blinds and contributing to the improvement of energy efficiency in the home.

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