Roman Shades

As in the rest of our range, we use the best fabrics, adapted to the designs of new trends, to the needs of the market and our customers. That is why we maintain a catalogue of blinds with an infinite number of designs, ranging from the most classic to the most daring. This type of blind, due to its particular
development and folding mechanism, provides great functionality. It has a Velcro attachment to the folding mechanism, allowing easy assembly / disassembly and cleaning of it.. The folding system used allows a free fall of the fabric that provides a more casual atmosphere, maintaining all the functionality thanks to its high quality mechanism.

Energy Efficiency

We try to innovate in the world of blinds always using elements of the highest quality in the products we manufacture.
We use advanced fabrics of the highest quality and specifically tested to prolong their resistance and prevent corrosion of the same by the incidence of solar rays. This ensures a high durability of our blinds and contributing to the improvement of energy efficiency in the home.

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